Dec 28

Shoot To Win – Evaluation

Aruze – Shoot To Win

Overall I really like this game!

Sure it isn’t the same as the Regular Craps Table, but these are usually $3 minimum bets and you can sit down. These machines also pay correctly to the penny.  So yes, you could place a 6 or 8 for $3.  It will pay you $3.50.
Regular Craps Tables pay based upon the smallest chip denomination (usually $1).  Therefore, incorrect bets usually get rounded down.  If you found a table lower than a $5 minimum, a $3 place on a 6 or 8 would only pay $3.00.

This is a great machine for somebody learning Craps. With the low minimum bets, paying to the penny and plenty of room for someone explaining the game to you.  You should already understand the basics of Craps.  Most players are very happy to explain how the game works, just ask.  Since this is all self-service betting, getting your bets in before the 20-30 seconds can be challenging at first.  Becomes second nature very quickly.

So depending on the machine, shooter order goes either clockwise or count-clockwise order.
After a shooter 7’s out, it will stop at the next player with money in their bank.  If that player doesn’t have Pass or Don’t Pass Line bet, after about 20 seconds.  It will jump to the next player with a Pass or Don’t Pass Line bet.

There is roughly a 20-30 second betting window.  The a player can shoot, if the player doesn’t push the big red button.  After 20-30 seconds, the machine will automatically roll the dice.  There is a lady’s voice that say “Shoot the dice, come-on shoot the dice!”  This can be a little annoying.  The wait times, shooter order direction, bet minimum/maximum seem to be configurable by the casino.

I’ve seen minimum bets range from $1 to $3 and maximum $500 (a few $2,000 and $5,000).  Most only allow 2x Odds on Pass/Come Lines (few 3x and 5x).  You can play just about any bet as on a Regular Craps Table, except there are not any Bonus Bets (i.e. Fire, All/Tall/Small, Repeater, etc…).

Some machines will allow a $1 Horn bet ($.25 on each 2,3,11,12), others make you bet $1 each.

The machine will also change colors based upon the length of the roll.  Cool blue, to Green and maybe Red.
It will change to Green after two points or 15 rolls  This depends on the machine software version.
After 20 rolls, the machine glows Red (aka “Hot Shooter”).  Same annoying voice says “Hot Shooter”.

Hot Shooter

Maximum bet settings vary drastically between machines, so check the help on the machine to determine the maximums for individual bets.  Remember you can bet both the Place and Buy on the same number, once a number is maxed out.

** When these machines show your win amount… that number includes your original bet. **

The top questions I hear:

  • What is the difference between a Buy and Place bet?
    ** You always Buy the outside numbers (4,5,9,10) and Place the (6,8). **

    • With a Buy bet, you pay a 5% vig (commission) on the win to get true odds.
    • For a 4 or 10, a $5 Place bet pays 9:5 so $9.00.
    • For a 4 or 10, a $5 Buy bet pays 2:1 minus vig.  $10.00 – $0.50 (5% of $10.00) = $9.50.
      Same $5 at risk, but pays $.50 more.
    • For a 5 or 9, a $5 Place bet pays 7:5 so $7.00.
    • For a 5 or 9, a $5 Buy bet pays 3:2 minus vig.  $7.50 – $0.38 (5% of $7.50) = $7.12.
    • 6 or 8 Place pays 7:6 (16.66%), Buy pays 6:5 (20% – 5% vig = 15%).
      Don’t Buy these unless you want 1.66% less.
  • Why can’t I bet or why do my bets disappear?
    Some of the machines show $1 minimum, but that is for just some bets (i.e. hardways, horn, hop, etc…).
    If you see your bets grayed-out, that means they don’t meet the minimum.
    These will be eliminated just prior to the roll.

Good luck, if you decide to play!

Only Bench Seat I’ve seen at these machines. Montbleu @ Lake Tahoe, NV.  Quite comfortable!

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