Dec 28

Can you eat sushi? — Japango (Boulder, CO)

If you happen to be in Boulder, CO on a Tuesday evening and love sushi.

Japango Boulder – Tuesday 5 pm -9:30 pm – All you can eat sushi for $40.  Be sure to check their website, as policies, time and prices may have changed.

This isn’t just sushi, it is almost their whole menu (with a few exception).  Sashimi, Lobster, Uni, Sea Eel are not included. They will charge you extra, if you don’t eat what you order.

No this isn’t a sushi buffet either, you order off the menu.  Their sushi is excellent, but don’t forget appetizers, which are included also.  I would suggest the Beef Tataki, Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail Cheek) are making my mouth water, just by writing about them.  If you decide you would like beef or chicken teriyaki that is included too.

Located in Boulder, CO on the Pearl Street Mall.
Get there early because it gets crowded.

The wait staff is great!

First round of sushi of three!  Hey, don’t judge… there were three of us

Just a little more sushi

Appetizers – Goyza, Mussels, Squid Salad

Beef Tataki

Hamachi Kama

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